Calmat Plus Water Softener

Calmat anti scale softener 5000 l/h till 3''/ 63mm-90mmis an innovative eco-friendly anti-scale system keeps pipes and electrical appliances clean. Calmat protects your new pipes and old ones will be sanitized: Water pipes stay clean, repairs and maintenance around your house are reduced, energy costs are lowered and cleaning effort is minimized.

10 reasons why calmat® is so good
  • calmat® clearly stands out with its quality and performance. Please compare calmat® against other products by matching some quality indicators:
  • German 24 Volt Impulse-Technology (capacitive): The water is treated with electric impulses that control scale in an eco-friendly “green” way. It is an electric system that is not magnetic-based.
  • calmat® works on a frequency range between 3-32 kHz with different frequency peaks (wobbling distribution). The secret to the right performance of physical water treatment lies in the composition of these impulses. CWT has developed and fine-tuned them for over 30 years.
  • calmat® uses customized isolated copper impulse cables. The secret to a maximized performance is not only the impulse composition but it is also etermined by how that is transferred onto the pipe. The calmat impulse cables are specially manufactured and contain a high number of single individual copper cables inside. The more single cables, the more powerful the transfer.
  • calmat® is designed with an isolated plastic frame that withstands water and humidity. Furthermore: Unlike many other products where you face a black box that prevents you to understand what lies inside that product, calmat comes with a transparent top that allows to see what the product consists of.
  • calmat® comes with external UL and TÜV-approved electronic switching adaptors. They operate with a very low power consumption of 100-240V and equalize possible power instabilty.
  • calmat® is not magnetic-based. Therefore, it operates 100% independent of the velocity (water flow rate) in the pipe and constantly provides reliable impulses that guarantee the right output at all times.
  • Material-matching programs for different materials: calmat treats any pipe material. No need to buy a different product for metal, PVC, plastic etc. any more.
  • The automatic memory program keeps calmat running correctly. In case of the unlikely event of a power failure calmat automatically resets back to the last program once power is regained.
  • calmat® holds numerous certifications by renowned international institutions: the German TÜV, the German CE, the UL-approval for switching adaptors etc.
  • calmat® needs only little electric power as it is very economical.  The units operate with 1.75 to max. 3.25 Watt. The running costs are appox. 4-6 USD (~3-5 EUR) per year.
  • Made-in-Germany: calmat is a German quality product is manufactured by the family-run Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH, Berlin.
  • 5-year international warranty is granted for all calmat units world-wide.

Technical Information

  • 1.Display
  • 2.Program switch
  • 3.Control light
  • 4.Socket
  • 5.Power cable
  • 6.Impulse cable incl. plug



 pipe diameter


 ~ 38 mm

 Voltage  24 Volt
 Wattage  4.3 Watt
 Impulse cables

 2 x 3 m

 6ft 6.7” x 9ft 10”

 Power supply

 100 - 240 V~

 50/60 Hz

 Output  2 x capacitive
 Frequeny range  3 - 32 KHz
  (main unit)
 150/180/50 mm
 Required space  200 mm
 Languages  8
 Programs  4