Solar Lighting for Fuel Stations

MGR Solar UPS and Street Lights

Solar UPS

Street Lights

Street Lights

Street Lights

Solar energy has proved to be very useful in power management for regular lighting equipments as well. These systems consists of solar photovoltaic module, where electricity is generated whenever solar energy is available during the daytime.Our systems come integrated with charge controller unit that ensures better lighting for Houses, Shops, Clinics, Banks, Post Offices and other Small Scale Industries.

MGR Technologies Lights Use:

  • Industry Leading Led's with 100 to 130 lumens/w, greater than 60,000 hrs of life
  • Led's are powered by high precision Constant Current Led driver Greater than 90% efficiency
  • High optimized Photometry to archive greater than 80% luminar efficiency
  • Low DC voltage operations
  • Luminaries from 1 W to 150 W/li
  • Enviroment friendly-nonhazardous material e.g mercury


  • Automatic dusk to dawn controller (DTDC)/ Timer operation
  • Galvanized / Powder Coated Mounting poles & Structures
  • Buck, Boost and Trickle mode charging algorithm
  • Temperature compensated battery set points
  • Adequate protections and indications
  • Adequate Cable & connectors
  • Ensured longer battery
  • life Efficient charge controller
  • Efficient Internal Drivers Weather proof luminaries



 Lamp  High Quality Power LED
Make : Nichia / Cree
Colour: White
Colour Temperature :   5500°C - 7000°C
 Input Voltage  90V to 290V AC


 LED Forward Voltage


 3.2 to 3.5V DC ( ~3.35V )


 110 –130 lumen / watt
 Wattages Available  10W to 60W
 Gasket  Neophrene / EPDM
 Electronics  Inbuilt Constant Current   LED driver

Total Electronics   Efficiency : >80%

LED PCB : Metal Clad PCB

for effective  heat   dissipation

 Protections  Short Circuit

High Voltage Surge

 Colour Temperature  5500K to 7000K

Near equivalent to day   ligh

 IP Rating  IP65
 Driver EMI/EMC   Compliance  EN55015 & EN61547
 Heat Sink  Aluminium Extrusion