We are pioneer company offering Solar Water Heater System that's function is to transform solar radiation into heat and convey that heat to a medium such as water, solar fluid, or air. These Industrial Solar Water Heaters are used in heating water, to support heating systems or for heating swimming pools. Our range of Domestic Solar Water Heater is made from refined raw material and modern techniques, which offer outstanding result and available at market leading prices to satisfy the customers. This Solar Water Heater System is engineered by us applying cutting edge technology and highly skilled professionals who have expertise in this sector. Our Solar Water Heater operates using the solar energy and has the following parts:

    • Storage Tank: Stainless steel inner and outer tanks with highly efficient PUF insulation, which keeps the water hot for a refreshing bath in the morning.
    • Electric Back Up: Solar Water Heater is equipped with a heavy duty electrical backup and a thermostat for saving hot water during monsoon or heavy usage.
    • Support Structure: The chassis is made of powder coated mild steel making the solar heater corrosion resistant and also ideal for coastal location.
      • Sun Tracking: Its innovative round surface allows maximum exposure. Its tubes remain aligned to the sun all day long and heat the water faster and keep heating till sunshine.welding process.
    • Make up Tank: A neat and clean insulated make-up tank can be mounted on top for equalizing water pressure/flow to heater.


  • Required Area: 2.5q. Mtrs. Per 100LPD
  • Overhead Tank Minimum Height
  • Domestic System : 6 Ft. from bottom of tank
  • Industrial System : 3-4 Mtrs. from bottom of tank

Technical Support

IAbsorber Sheet  Copper 34 SWG Thick selectively Coated /   Solkrome Sheet
Riser  Copper 12.7 ǿ +- 0.5mm 24 SWG
Header  Copper 25.4 ǿ +- 0.5mm 22 SWG
Bonding between Riser & Header  Brazing
Bonding between Riser & Absorber
 High temperature soldering / Ultrasonic   Welding
Absorber Coating  Selective Coating of abosorbity > 0.92   Emmissivity  < 0.20
Front Glazing  Toughened Glass 4mm thick
Gasket  Neophrene / EPDM
Back / Side Insulation  Rockwool / PUF
Collector Box  Aluminum (Solar Section)
Collector Stands  M.S (Mild Steel)
Storage Tank  Stainless Steel (S.S.304)
nsulation  Rockwool
Outer Cladding  Aluminum / Stainless Steel (S.S.304)
  • Save upto 70% on your Electricity Bill
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Environment friendly
  • One time investment long time benefit.

Area of Usage :

  • Residential
  • Canteens
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Chemical Industries
  • Dairies
  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • Textiles

Application :

  • Bathing
  • Cooking
  • Washing
  • Boiler Feed
  • ndustrial Processing