KENT Washing Machine Water Softener


Presenting KENT Washing Machine Water Softener that converts hard water into soft to generate extra lather while consuming less detergent and water while washing. It also enhances whiteness and lustre of clothes. It utilises a non-electric process with a unique 4 step regeneration process and comes with a standby mode for longer life. Compatible with all washing machines.

  • Reduces Water and detergent Consumption

  • Increases Washing Efficiency

  • Efficient Ion-Exchange Process

  • Installation & Regeneration

  • Increases Washing Efficiency

  • Enhances the Quality of Water

Instant Solutions and Delivery to Your Address for Kent Water Purifiers or RO Water Purifiers


MGR Technologies offer Kent Water Purifiers, RO Water Purifiers, and installation services in Bangalore and surrounding suburbs with the assurance of instant services, reasonable rates, and installation in a real-time manner. Feel free to contact us for the latest models of RO systems and water purifiers from Kent and other big brands to get every drop of water in the purest form to drink, cook food, and for other purposes.