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COMBO WATER ATM (Prepaid Card + Coin ATM)  


Software Specifications

  • 2 Taps Can be Configured for Coin with 5 Different Volumes for each tap
  • Either Fixed/Adjustable Volume (water flows as long as card sensed)
  • Card Validity can be set Daily or Monthly, to prevent illegal resale
  • Options for solar panel operation with our battery charger
  • On-site recharge option
  • GSM/GPRS Communication with mobile app or server (on-premise)


Hardware Specifications
  • 3.5″ inch, 8 lines Graphical display with touch Keys with Light & Sound feedback
  • 6 Different Types of Coin Can be Calibrated
  • Upto 4 taps and 5 different volumes for each tap
  • TDS/ Conductivity and Chilled water temperature monitor
  • Lockable Container can store upto 500 coins


Tech Specifications

  • Power Supply 150-250 VAC
  • 4 Flow Sensor Inputs (Optional 2 inputs for coin)
  • 1 Temperature Sensor Input
  • 1 Tank Level Input
  • 4 Solenoid Valves Outputs
  • 1 Booster Pump Output
  • GSM/GPRS Communication Port
  • Water/Dust/Shock Restistant enclosure
  • Locakble Container can store upto 500 coins

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